Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Changes in CROSS 11.1

  1. Code width prompt for Product Code and Group Code in System Constant
  2. Code width prompt in Account->System->System Parameter for Tax Code and Party Name.
  3. Showing correct margin information in Profit Analysis Report and ALT_F12 key in Sales Invoice.
  4. Change the following files as below :- a) C_PD1MST change into PRODUCT.DBF b) C_BATCH change into BATCH.DBF c) C_TAXMST change into TAXTYPE.DBF d) C_GROUP change into GROUP.DBF e) C_PDTYPE change into CATMST.DBF f) C_SUPMST change into SUPPLIER.DBF
  5. F10 key in Narration of Voucher Header for Get Standard Narration From Narration Master.
  6. Export the Account Voucher with Header Files and also Import the same in another Location.
  7. Option to issue all blank cheque to one party when received the cheque from Bank option.
  8. Facility to print balance of 'CASH' A/c Debit, Credit and All in Inquire Transaction in F3 Details using CTRL_P key.
  9. Ask for Check Corruption option when Upgrade the version.
  10. Option to print Balance Sheet in T format in Balance Sheet(New) option.
  11. Option to feed the Issue Date, Place, Party Name and Designation in TDS FORM Entry.
  12. Option to print TDS Register option using ALT_P option on TDS Payment Browser.
  13. Option Schedule Wise->Account->Month Wise A/c Details option To Access the Entry level From Schedule using option Account -> Statement-> Account Statement (Schedule Wise).
  14. Cheque Window automatically opens on Cheque No in PDC Issue option.
  15. Log view in Account for Check Voucher Information in Account-> System-> View Log option.
  16. Option From date in Report->Outstanding Report->Due Bill Option.
  17. Standard narration also come automatically in Voucher Entry from Narration Master if exist Narration for Particular Voucher Type and Account
  18. Provide the Invoice No & Due Date while adjusting purchase in PDC Issue Option.
  19. Provide the new report for check Cheque Dishonored from Account-> Statement Cheque Dishonored List option.
  20. Option 'Get Entry Level' to Access VAT Summary Detail up to Invoice Level in Vat Summary Under Report->Vat Report option.
  21. New A/c Schedule 'LOAN (LIABILITY)' for Secure Loan and Unsecure Loan to import the data in Tally ERP version 9.1
  22. Cash Book Properly Print (Single Entry) in case of Sales Invoice is not create with R/o Amount.
  23. Now provide the Month and Date level entry screen in Balance Sheet (new) option.
  24. Key to change the date to check records of up to Date in Balance Sheet (New) and Account Statement (Schedule Wise) options.
  25. Option 'Print Including Sub Ledger' to Print Sub Ledgers in the time of printing 'General Ledger'.
  26. System auto send the daily report by send Mail facility in case of use Every day option in the Mail Schedule.
  27. Provide the to print option 'SORTEDBY' with the following Parameter in Sales Invoice T' For Tax wise, PDCD for Product Code wise, GP for Group-Product Name wise, PDNM for Product name wise, PDSH for ShelfId-Product Name wise,  ....... For Generic Product Name wise
  28. Option 'Print Sales Invoice Remark' to print Sales Invoice remarks in Check List.
  29. Option 'Print Sales Invoice Remark' to Print Sales Invoice in Sales->Account Statement
  30. Print the MRP in Company Product Wise Expiry Details Report.
  31. Print the MRP in Product Wise Expiry Details Report.
  32. Print the MRP in Shelf Product Wise Expiry Details Report.
  33. Print the MRP in Company Product Wise Expiry (Query) Report.
  34. Print the MRP in Supplier-Product wise Exp. (Query) Report.
  35. Print the MRP in Near Expiry Good Purchased Report.
  36. Print the MRP in Supplier Wise Near Expiry Analysis Report.
  37. Print the last 3 year Supplier Purchase details in Supplier-Product wise Exp.(Query) Report.
  38. Print the last 3 year Supplier Purchase Details in Company-Product wise Exp.(Query) Report.

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