Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Changes in CROSS 16.2 Version

New Changes in Cross 16.2 Version

1. Report Server (Generate Report faster on Node Systems)
2. Software run with Static IP (All Reports from Remote in Online Mode)
3. All Reports in Graphical User Interface
4. Windows 64 Bit Compatibility
5. Direct E-Mail/SMS available in SoftwareNew changes in Unisolve 16.2
6. Vat Forms can be exported to excel for e-filing Returns
7. Multiple screens can be opened for Sales Invoice & other data entry screens on same machine.
8. All Reports can be printed on Laser/Dot Matrix Printer
9. Re-Organized Menu Structure & User Rights
10. Support Center to connect Customer Care
11. NDPS Sales & Purchase Statement
12. Export all reports in PDF/Excel Format
13. Sales/Purchase Return Handling
14. Set Screen Resolution as per choice with CTRL+ to increase & CTRL- to decrease.
15. Column Set as per Requirement
16. PAN No. auto updation option when make Cash Sales Invoice.
17. Run with Unisolve for wholesale and retail both simultaneously.
18. Lock Vat Reports
19. Laser Format with Logo & Font
20. Run Software on Windows TAB also with Touch Screen.
21. GST Handling
22. Common Package (Wholesale + Retail)
23. Product Attribute to mark particular products in reports.

New Links in HELP Menu :
1. Seedhi Baat
2. Tax Updates
3. User Manual (Training Guide)
4. Check List Documents in Help Menu
5. The client also Fetch/Update our Detail through Fetch/Update My detail option
in Utility Menu.
6. Support Center (To Log your Problems

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